”Jakten på Venus” får lysande recensioner


Nedräkningen till Venuspassagen har börjat. Nu är det bara 10 dagar kvar tills detta historiska ögonblick inträffar 6 juni. I väntan på den kan ni läsa Andrea Wulfs bok ”Jakten på Venus” som nu lovprisas i England och USA!

”Andrea Wulf’s story of the chase is an enthralling, nail-biting thriller and will undoubtedly prove one of the non-fiction books of the year. Even if you fail to see the Transit, don’t miss this wonderful book” Daily Mail, UK

“[Wulf’s] feeling for personality and her attention to both the scientific records and to the astronomers’ journals brings their exploits to life as both scientific exploration and adventurous derring-do … enticing tale … “Chasing Venus” effectively dramatizes an important moment in the history of science” – Washington Times

“Chasing Venus is beautifully paced, alternating between expe­ditions, with lush descriptions of the often arduous journeys involved” – Nature

“Truly excellent … rip-roaring tales of the numerous expeditions that set off around the globe to observe the Venusian transit of 1761 …communicate[s] the verve and energy – not to mention the perilous nature – of the expeditions.” – New Scientist

“Outstanding book! It’s the book of the year so far – do not miss it!” – Astronomy Now

“[An] enthusiastic account. . . . With the next transit predicted for June 6, 2012, Wulf’s well-handled history arrives in a timely manner” – Booklist

“A fine example of scientific storytelling … narrated with elegant expertise.” – The Times, UK

“Lively narrative … like a nonfiction National Treasure with myriads of Nicholas Cages darting around—in a good way. Enlightening Enlightenment fare” – Kirkus Review, Starred Review

“Thrilling tale … a fitting homage … an absorbing account … Wulf’s marvelous eye for detail and talent for simplifying complex science make the book, timed for release a month before the last transit of this century, well worth reading before June” – Associated Press (published in Washington Post, Huffington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Miami Herald, The Kansas City Star, The Seattle Post Intelligencer amongst many others)

”But the 18th century stargazers whom Andrea Wulf chronicles in “Chasing Venus” proved themselves a different sort. Their exploits would put Indiana Jones to shame … appealing mix of science and travel … Wulf writes with enthusiasm … and marvelous concision over the 200 pages of her text. Better yet, she explains complex scientific phenomena in clear, layperson’s terms: Here is a book both astrophysicists and poets can understand” – Boston Globe

“Andrea Wulf has now chronicled the 18th-century transit expeditions in a narrative light on astronomical detail but rich in personalities and adventures … she does wonderfully sketch the race for scientific, and patriotic, glory” – Dallas Morning Star