Made in China får pris


Loretta Napoleonis bok Made in China vinner A.P.E.:s pris som bästa ekonomiska fackbok i Italien 2010. Priset utdelas av Association for Economic Development in Milan och går att likställa vid Financial Times pris för bästa ekonomiska fackbok.


Our understanding of a complex and culturally remote world is often made more difficult still by the stereotypes that are promoted by the West. For example, a March 2009 World Bank report on poverty read:  “In last the 25 years, the progress China has made in the fight against poverty has been enviable. […] Without China, during the last twenty years there would have been no  reduction in the number of people living in poverty in the underdeveloped world”.  This is just one of many stereotypes that we accept, perhaps because we do not want to see the truth and thus have to admit to the growing gaps in our understanding of democracy.

The creation of the Special Economic Zones, the creation of jobs for migrant peasants (who are thus freed from the confines of their home villages), Deng’s affirmation of “incremental democracy,” the Chinese overtures in Africa (which China is progressively colonizing to the dismay of Western nations) are just some examples of the socio-economic evolution of China  that is little known in the West and that, if deeply analyzed, gives us the key to understanding the economic development that China is experiencing today.

The author, an economist who advises governments and international organizations, helps us to understand this new Chinese reality with the kind of greater awareness that is vital to establishing a relationship of mutual understanding and in responding to a socio-economic reality that is constantly changing.